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Let's GOE!

The GOE DASH platform serves the customers by delivering food & beverages from their favorite restaurants. Orders and payments are automated by our application. All orders from restaurants are followed using gps location which helps keep track of both pick up and delivery. We bring convenience to the customer and more business to restaurants!


Our listings are growing. Take a look! If you would like to see another restaurant or shop added to our listings, please make a request under the "request" tab, and we will add them asap. We are “The Future Of Same-Day Delivery”, and we appreciate your support! 😃

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My Story


Gilbert Opolot Émugé



I am the founder and ceo of GOE LLC the umbrella company of GOE DASH LLC. What started out as just a multimedia company call GOE LLC, became a plan to help feed people during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. As a freelance multimedia producer, work slowed down during the pandemic. But it created an opportunity for me to think outside of the box of just making graphic designs and digital advertising for businesses. I had a chance to try to help people and businesses who were struggling in a tough time. I saw how my competition was booming with business in the delivery industry. I have always admired Jeff Bezos of Amazon and how he came up from just selling posters  in his business to the giant empire it has become. Seeing all there delivery guys frequent the neighbors and food delivery guys all over the place made me think that I would like to have a piece of that action.


What makes us different from our competitors isn't just the cool nature of our logo it is that we focus our efforts on customer courtesy and keeping things local. In focusing our efforts on local businesses we boost revenue for independent small businesses like Mom & Pop shops/restaurants giving them an  opportunity to grow with the community giving them better brand recognition. When we focus on local we increase local interests and build a community around good food. Because we are independent from "big delivery" we have control over the quality of service that we provide our customers. Customer satisfaction is paramount in the hospitality business. We have a club mentality where our customers are treated as V.I.P's. We don't turn down orders and pass it to other delivery drivers just because the offer might be too low and there is no tip. Our main purpose is on customer satisfaction, not chasing the ole mighty dollar. We are about people. GOE DASH is the new face of "same day" delivery. *Note our friendly faced logo. Our brand of the smiling face is something needed back in the hospitality business these days, in this post pandemic era.


It’s about supporting local and making a community of GOE DASH. To order from us is to support local. 


You might be asking, “Well what is G.O.E.?” Well as most of you noticed, it’s my initials which stand for Gilbert Opolot Èmugé. We all understand that we want to make a name for ourselves in this precious fragile life that we are given. But my name isn’t the impact that I want to make as the brand of my company. 


At the age of 3 and barely coming from one of the poorest regions of Africa, in the time of Idi Amin, a ruthless violent dictator, to the United States of America becoming educated in one of the ruffest schools in a ghetto of St. Louis to one of the finest in St. Charles, Missouri (Jefferson Middle School & St. Charles West), finally graduating from Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri as a Citizen of These United Sates… I want you to know that though it is my name, what it truly represents is my belief that I have that it has been God.Over.Everything in my life. And it is he who has given me an opportunity to GOE feed his people. If you are sold then let’s GOE DASH! 


Bible: John 21


For any questions and suggestions, please post them in our forum. Let's make a community out of GOE DASH.

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